Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question ? Chances are someone else has asked before you !


How to create a group ?
To create a group, you have to press the red + button on the homepage. You have the possibility to indicate the date of your trip, as well as a short description.
How to invite my friends to my group?
You have 2 possibilities to add people to your group. Either when creating the group, via native sharing (via SMS, or via a chat application). Either in the group settings, if you are a group administrator.


How to search a flight or a hotel ?
You have the opportunity to search for a hotel or a flight. To do this, simply press the + button and let yourself be guided.
How to share an offer to your friends ?
When you find an offer that interests you and could interest your friends, you can share this offer to easily get the opinion of your friends.


What is a pending vote ?
A pending offer is an offer that has been shared, you can find all the offers shared by clicking on the button "pending vote" and so give your opinion.
How to give an opinion ?
You can easily give your opinion on an offer by liking or disliking a pending vote and byl commenting it.


How to book an offer ?
When you have agreed with your friends on an offer, you have the option to book the offer directly. You have 2 possibilities, either directly during a search, or on the page of a shared offer (pending vote).
How to split the payment ?
Nothing is easier ! You can split the payment, simply by indicating the amount you want to pay. The persons concerned will have to pay the remaining shares. Once the total amount collected, the offer is booked.